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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to cancel my contract?

You can cancel your subscription under this contract at any time during the agreed term.

If you decide to cancel this contract during the "cooling off period" of up to 14 days after the day on which we confirm your subscription and we have not supplied any products or services to you, we will refund any charges you have already paid for your subscription except the Pre-Authorisation Card Fee.

If you decide to cancel this contract during the agreed term (including the cooling off period), after we have supplied any Products and Services to you, fitted any tyres which you have paid an initial fee for and/or you have received a discount on any pre-subscription products and services as described in paragraph 2.2, we reserve the right to charge you for any products, services and tyres supplied and/or any discount you received on those products and services minus any charges you have already paid for your subscription.

If my car is written off will my insurance pay the cancellation fee?

You may immediately terminate your subscription with one month’s notice if your vehicle is sold, written-off or otherwise no longer in your possession or control, subject to your payment of the notice fee and any early termination fee described in paragraph 19.4.

Why might my monthly price change through the course of the contract?

Pay Monthly Tyres reserve the right to amend the monthly subscription if you wear your tyres by more than 10% quicker than our expected wear rate, Pay Monthly Tyres may also reduce your monthly subscription price if you wear your tyres by less than 10% of our wear rate.

What if I do fewer miles than I originally thought?

Depending on how long the subscription has left to run, the monthly payment could reduce.

What happens when my contract expires?

Unless terminated earlier in accordance with its provisions, your subscription under this contract will automatically continue for an agreed term, at the end of which it shall automatically terminate. This term will be agreed by you during the sign-up process and will be set out in the final quotation. Prior to the end of the agreed term, we may provide you with a new indicative quotation for a new subscription.

What free reminders will I receive?

You’ll receive tyre, MOT, road tax and service reminders whilst allowing you to update your current mileage and make tyre safety check bookings throughout your entire subscription.

What if I want to extend my contract?

The subscription can, subject to company approval, be informally extended up to 5 months but a tyre safety check must be carried out prior to the extension being agreed by both parties.

Extensions over 5 months will be subject to a formal subscription remodel but vehicles must not exceed 15 years old or 180,000 miles by the end of the contract.

Why do you need so much detail about my tyres?

This is so that we can provide an accurate quotation and fit the correct tyres.

Why do you need to know if my tyres are premium or not?

As budget branded tyres wear faster than premium branded tyres, this will have an effect on calculating the expected wear rate.

How do I find my tyre size?

All of the information is on the side wall of the tyre and will look like the following:

How do I calculate my tread depth?

How many tyres are included?

You are covered for all wear, punctures and accidental damage tyre replacements (Ts and Cs apply).

What do I get with my MOT add on?

The MOT test itself and up to one free retest, dependant on what the vehicle failed on.

What do I get with my breakdown add on?

24/7 breakdown patrol attendance and/or recovery of up to 20 miles.

What is the excess mileage charge?

This is a fee charged per mile over the contract mileage that the subscription has been taken out for.

Why are my initial monthly payments higher?

The higher initial monthly payments cover the cost of the tyres that you require immediately which are funded via our partner DivideBuy interest free.

What if I change my vehicle?

You must notify us promptly if you sell your vehicle or it is no longer in your possession or control, or of any other changes or updates to your vehicle, or any other details we hold about you during the term of your subscription.

For the avoidance of doubt the subscription is not transferrable to the new owner.

Why do I have to attend a tyre safety check?

To monitor the mileage and tread depths.

What is included in my tyre safety check?

This will include checking your vehicles current tyre tread depths and brand, including the condition and the current mileage, making sure your vehicle is safe and legal, giving you complete peace of mind.

Visual Brake Check -

Your free brake examination includes the digital measurement of wear on brake pads, shoes, brake discs and drums against the manufacturer’s specifications.

Wheel Alignment Check –

Wheel alignment involves checking the direction and angle of the wheels.

Will my quote change following my tyre safety check?

Only if the tread depths, tyre size or brands are different to what you have originally stated.

What if I have a puncture before my tyre safety check?

This will need to be repaired before the subscription can start.

What if I don’t attend my tyre safety check within 28 days?

The quotation will be invalid and a new quotation will have to be provided.

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